What to do in Cetona

Would you like to discover this fascinating area in Tuscany or to find a relaxing place
to recover from work distress or neurotic city life?
In the first case, you are spoiled for choice and Cetona can be a very good place to start
discovering Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia or Umbria. If you choose a relaxing staying,
then you can decide to spend some time at Fonteverde spa in San Casciano, or in Chianciano,
to try the unique sensation of a Sensory itinerary and then spending the rest of the day
in Cetona, discovering the rhythms of nature, of the village life, and of the old habits
a relaxing stop at Caffé dello Sport and having lunch at Nilo’s searching for forgotten perfumes and flavors.

From spring to autumn, Cetona is rich in cultural, artistic and folklore events
making your staying really interesting.

March/April: the Good Friday procession
A very ancient tradition, which at the beginning of XX century was famous in Italy and now is still very important
for cetona people who follow the Jesus statue, supported by hooded Brothers of Misericordia
and the “Cristo rosso” (Red Jesus), another brother with a red tunic which, barefoot, and following the “rule” rhythm,
walks the village streets holding the Cross.

25th April: Flowers show
The big Piazza Garibaldi is crowded with flowers, plants and objects for gardening:
a meeting to buy the best for your terraces and gardens.

May/June: Corpus Domini flower show
This ancient tradition, recently restored, is managed directly by Cetona people,
which gather petals and leaves and realize big pictures with religious symbols
in the central part of Piazza Garibaldi.

From June to September: Summer in Cetona
In the summertime, everyday there is some interesting event:
from local costume feasts with typical dinners, to cultural events
(concerts at Collegiata and in Camporsevoli, Theatre shows by local companies and other events
prose, poetry…), meetings on Archaeology organized by the Prehistoric Museum in Cetona,
all contributing to make your staying pleasing and interesting.

July: Corsa delle Brocche (Jug race)
The Jug race is preceded by a
costume procession and by a night historical commemoration
which has become famous in all the area.

November: Olive oil feast
The good Cetona olive oil very year is presented to its fans in the typical taverns of the village:
a chance to taste it just from the olive-press on the local bread…

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