The Osteria vecchia in Cetona has been existing for long time. A typical Tuscan restaurant, with few home-made dishes: pici or tagliatelle (home-made pasta), steak or roast meat.
Then, at the beginning of 90’s, Nilo Fastelli trasformed the old restaurant in a famous restaurant:
An oasis with ancient and new flavors, frequented by people from Cetona and by journalists
VIPs, economists, all longing for good food,
following the Tuscan-Umbrian tradition.
For more than twenty years, Nilo has been a point of reference for good food,
with faithful clients, enthusiastic for his food and seduced by his kindness
and by the service Nilo and his son Cristiano with his wife Silvia has always offered to their clients.

Since 2012 the restaurant, left the old place, moved in the new rooms
next to the Caffè dello Sport, with wider rooms, and with an external place for the summer,
unique for its position and beauty. The twenty-year tradition which made him famous, continues:
the same Umbrian-Tuscan food, the same attention to details, the same kind service,
in a more comfortable and suitable background, both familiar and refined,
able to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

Nilo, in the new restaurant, creates his magnificent recipes in a very modern kitchen, equipped with any comforts,
which any famous chef could envy for its efficiency, tidiness and organization.
The new restaurant has two internal rooms and two external spaces.
The client can have lunch or dinner in the Garibaldi room, overlooking the square,
or, through internal stairs, going to the Chimney room, a very characteristic and reserved place,
particular for its chimney, as well as for the exposition of very precious wines.
During the warmer Seasons, in the Chimney room, you can access a big and characteristic paved veranda,
while in front of the Garibaldi room there is another external place
allowing to taste Nilo’s food looking at the old village – one of the most beautiful of Italy
or the square, crowded and rich in initiatives.


“If you go to Cetona without going to Nilo’s, is like going to Rome without going to the Colosseum or Trevi fountain…”.
This comment found in the internet well explain the idea: only after stopping in this restaurant
you can tell you deep know the tastes and the flavors of this part of Tuscany.
Nilo’s food is authentic and tasty, rich in shades, giving new life
to the Umbrian-Tuscan food tradition.
The typical Tuscan food is served with innovative and original recipes, all tasty and good
because simply coke with local products: olive oil and wine
of Cetona campaign, bread cooked in the wood oven, vegetables and fruits of the vegetable garden…
All pastas for the main course are home-made with the rolling pin
, as well as desserts and ice creams are realized exclusively by the chef.

It is difficult to choose among the wide variety of the menu, which besides the typical Tuscan courses,
offers fabulous alternatives according to the seasons.
You can start with Tuscan starters (croutons with livers or with mushrooms cream),
then you can have fresh pasta: pici (hand-made pasta without eggs ), tagliatelle and pappardelle,
dressed with cinta senese pig knife-chopped sauce or meat, duck or garlic sauce
(a typical recipe). As alternative, you can have a spelt soup, pasta with beans,
mushrooms soup, pasta with garbanzo beans, Tuscan soup or bread soup.

For the second course… well we are in Val di Chiana and the Chianina
is famous all over the world! A grilled T-bone steak is a dream here, as well as a fillet with mushrooms,
steak slices with Rosemary, oven-baked piglet, lamb ribs (crispy outside and tender inside)
stew of wild boar in tomato sauce, guinea-fowl and oven-baked rabbit.
The desserts (in particular, chocolate cake and apple pie) are delicious,
s well as ice creams, all hand-made…


White and red wines choice can surely compete with a high level food: Chardonnay, Sauvignon,
Pinot grigio del Collio, Muller thurgau, Traminer, Tuscan Vermentino , Lugana Cru, Chianti,
Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo, Amarone Masi, Spumanti Brut and Champagne.
The wine cellar was created considering the food offer
combining it with the most famous wines such as Montepulciano or Brunello di Montalcino,
without underestimate Cetona wines, which well combine with the famous pici all’aglione (home-made pasta with garlic sauce).

The wine experts will find eccellent wine bottles from Italy and abroad.
Here, you will find the most prestigious Italian labels, such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia.
All bottles are stored in a wonderful old tuff cellar,
where the natural humidity and temperature allow the wine to age at its best,
a real emotion when a bottle is opened.


weddings and other events

Besides Nilo, this restaurant is particular for: the service courtesy;
the good food and winei; the restaurant atmosphere; the place, Cetona, one of the most beautiful village in Italy.
And, a very appreciated quality today:
the price is in average considering the service and the food.
And, who, fascinated by the flavors, the place and the people, wants to use these buildings
for weddings, dinners, working dinners, Nilo and his staff will transform this event in a magic moment.